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          August 27 marks the Philippine 国民 Heroes' Day. It pays homage to countless heroes who fought for the country's freedom.

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          One example of such hero is Rose Evangelista Reutirez, an ordinary OFW, like many others, working to provide a better future for her loved ones.

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          "Kung kaya pa magtrabaho, patuloy ako para maka-ipon para sa anak ko. Sana lang laging malusog ang pangangatawan ko, awa ng Panginoon dahil lagi siyang nandiyan (As long as I can still work, I will continue so that I can provide for my child. I just hope that I'd always be in good health, but thanks to God. He's always there)," she told the mg游戏官网 (PNA).


          "Mahirap po talaga na malayo sa pamilya lalo na malayo ka sa anak mo. Lagi ko sila naiisip, minsan napapaluha ka na lang 'pag ganoon. Kasi nga nami-小姐 莫戒 (It's hard being away from family, more so from my child. I always think of them, at some point, a pang of sadness gets to me because I 小姐ed them)."

          "[佩罗] kailangan。 pabalik-鲍利克郎AKO SA 科威特 kasi mahirap ang buhay sa atin at mahirap lang kami. Ako lang ang inaasahan ng pamilya ko, pati na ng anak ko (But it's necessary. I always return to 科威特 because life in the Philippines is hard and we are poor. My family and my child depend on me)," she added.


          Aside from 小姐ing her family and the daily grind she needs to go through, her sacrifices as an OFW maybe traced back during the Gulf War, when Iraq invaded and occupied 科威特.


          "Wala 'yong mga amo ko noon kasi nasa trabaho biglaan lang 'yong uwi nila, and sabi sa akin mag-empake. Malapit pala sa bahay 'yong bombahan at barilan (My employers are working at that time when they rushed home and told me to pack my stuff. It turned out the shelling and firefight were already near their home)," she narrated.


          “patakbo-takbo神明中午。AKO,可karga karga akong拔佳娜 双岁, 塔巴PA尼雅 (我们为我们的生活跑回来呢。我当时背着自己两岁的孩子,谁也很重。”

          Without communication from the outside, she cannot seek help or runaway for fear of being kidnapped by the 伊拉克人 soldiers.

          "Akala noon ng pamilya ko patay na ako kasi mahigit isang taon din wala akong komunikasyon sa kanila. Hindi naman ako makapunta sa 大使馆 kasi tinatakot ako ng amo ko noon, ayaw niya akong palabasin. Tinatakot ako noon na kukunin daw ako ng mga 伊拉克人 tapos papatayin

          Rose said her exhaustion was unimaginable during those times. 该re was no power or water supply back then. “阿拉姆月,老马-I-IGIB阿古NG tubig木拉粑粑杭钢 三楼 在帕蒂NA PAG-aakyat NG gasul SA的TAA,SA类似于 (Can you imagine, I would get water for them from the ground to 三楼, even carried the gas canister for cooking upstairs)."


          With her almost two years of ordeal from the hands of her former employer, Rose was finally able to find work but she's now working for a "fair and kind boss."

          "MGA 一周 AKO SA 大使馆 pagkatapos“香港tumakas,tapos kinuha NA AKO尼拉 女士(我呆了至少一个星期在大使馆前太太雇我),”她说。

          Since 1992, she worked for Roqaya Mohammad Deif, who had since employed other 10 Filipino household workers in her family, all of whom were treated well and humanely.

          在她的工作已接近三个十年里,玫瑰说她会继续她的工作,她的家人和孩子。 “对SA pamilya KO在SA阿纳KO (我的家人和我的孩子)“。 (PNA)

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