ZAMBOANGA CITY - 在菲律宾(nucp)全国教师联合会理事会邦萨摩洛组织法(BOL)的隐含关键代言,它呼吁选民批准的措施“在和平,发展和正义的名义。”


This appeal, it said, amounts to a religious duty, an exhortation to achieve the “Islamic liberation” that enlivens the fundamental vision of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

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在他的消息,亲平原批准集会前,摩洛伊斯兰解放阵线主席人朝觐穆拉德易卜拉欣引述前创始人哈希姆·萨拉马特的话时,他说:“我已经种植在思想和年轻一代的心灵圣战FIY sabilillah的种子。”

“I encourage everyone, let us walk together for the next level of this struggle, Inshaa Allah,” he added.




So far, the Commission on Elections has approved 48 more petitions of non-BOL listed barangays for participation in the second-date plebiscite.

The MILF and the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) who brokered the enactment of BOL by Congress are all but certain that the basic law will be ratified.

但是,他们还没有因为两个城市庆祝 - 马京达瑙在巴西兰岛省和哥打巴托市伊莎贝拉 - 视为重要的政治意义,在过去两个公投投反对票,并纳入目前仍没有显示出心脏的改变的迹象。

最后十进制27,不超过穆拉德和摩洛伊斯兰解放阵线的和平与总统和平顾问米利托加尔韦斯,哥打巴托市,棉兰老穆斯林自治区地方长官mujiv hataman的基数奥兰多Quevedo的实施小组主席mohagher伊克巴尔,共同少发起猛攻伊莎贝拉城市与信仰集会通知参加数千矛盾的地方的居民为什么BOL是为他们好,这一次。


The rally aimed to debunk this misinformation, he told his province-mates.

“In Sumisip (town) we have two barangays dominated by Christians — they have piggeries there, they have churches there and people enjoy religious freedom,” Hataman said.

Quevedo cautiously said the huge attendance is a hopeful indication that Isabelenos are this time open-minded towards the BOL.


Galvez, who served as Army brigade commander in the province, said they have “firmly re-established all the peace mechanisms to ensure long-term peace on the ground” through the peace process.

“现在我站在这里,作为和平的弟弟,确保和平协议执行情况良好 - 开始与邦萨摩洛组织法的批准”,他告诉了多元文化的观众。


Unlike the week-later BOL-enthusiastic rallies in Tawi-Tawi and Sulu, its top-level campaigners had harder sales-talk to make in Isabela City.

It fell on Quevedo to assure his fellow Isabela Christians about the beneficence of BOL. He then pointed to BOL provisions on basic rights (Article IX) such as:

* The Parliament shall adopt measures to ensure mutual respect and protection of the distinct beliefs, customs and traditions of the Bangsamoro people and the other inhabitants in the BAR.

* No person shall be subjected to any form of discrimination on account of creed, religion, ethnic origin, parentage or gender.

* Religious Freedom — “any establishment and any institution is free to implement policies and undertake activities pursuant to their respective religious beliefs and values.”

* Human Rights — “The Bangsamoro Government shall fully respect human rights.”

A few days later in the Bongao, Tawi-Tawi rally, Mohagher Iqbal said some 160,000 people “have died during the course of the Moro struggle, and it is about time to end this cycle of violence.”

“We are already seeing the light at end of the tunnel. It’s not just flickering light but a very clear light”, he said.


FAB set down the broad but comprehensive terms of deal.


CAB consolidated as well all previous agreements including FAB itself, which among others stipulated the enactment of a Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) by Congress.

Four more years passed before that law, now renamed as the BOL, was finally enacted in 2018.

On Jan. 21, the BOL will be affirmed— barring a mishap — through the plebiscite by Muslim Mindanao region’s populace.

From that crossroads of history, the Bangsamoro people and their leaders inevitably must overcome more challenges in their phenomenal journey to peace, justice and development.

As what has been observed, it is easier to clinch a peace agreement than to implement it, as shown in the 1996 Final Peace Agreement.

在政策简报,哥打巴托城市为基础的机构自治和治理(IAG)预留的一些挑战,如邦萨摩洛过渡当局的直接创造 - 这将仅短短三年的功能 - 和它的权力范围和责任规定由BOL以及绝对需要建立新的政府机构,如政治和选举制度民间社会的合作。


“MILF Chairman, Murad Ebrahim, is absolutely correct that governing the region will be a tremendous challenge for the new leaders of the Bangsamoro government,” IAG predicts. (PNA)