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Ninu, it is achievable that one of them could be broken, but it is unlikely from my experience. I will not be capable to help until Friday when I can get access to the details. In the meantime isolate the meter and check it for continuity with a multimeter.

Scott’s Auto Repair is the top complete-service auto repair shop in Houston, TX. And what tends to make Scott’s Auto Repair Houston’s option for automotive services? Because 1986, in addition to supplying best high quality auto repair and car maintenace in Houston, we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied! We are family owned and operated, and proud to be recognized by the American Automotive Association (AAA) as one particular of the elite shops in the West Houston region. We are also one of the few AAA-Authorized auto repair centers with a 100% approval rating – a testament to the great consumer service we strive for every single day!

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They are also excellent for a swift balance check on a automobile with a vibration coming by means of the steering when test driven soon after other repairs, or for a balance check after fitting a wheel with a new tire, and balancing it on a normal balancer.

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