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I’ve had this device in my car for a number of months. I’m a quite cautious driver, so I thought this tiny point would aid me save cash and I would not have to function for it. Properly… what Drivewise considers challenging braking may want to be recalculated. I avoided an accident when someone abruptly pulled into my lane so I had to brake actually hard. This counts against me! I live in Phoenix and function in Scottsdale so I have really a commute and yes, I have virtually been tempted to cut a yellow light also close since I do not want braking to count against me. The device tends to make you conscious of your driving habits, which is very good, but it can also encourage some much less than stellar driving habits to stay away from becoming penalized. It has totally changed my husband’s driving habits for the greater so I guess there are pro’s and con’s to almost everything. Hope you found this useful.

Here are the driving specifics monitored by the Drive Wise device. Not all of these items are counted toward or against your discount, and not all parameters are offered equal weight towards that discount. But we, the drivers, do not know the actual algorithm.

Every of the tires demands to be inside a certain quantity of tread in order to pass. If you can put a penny in your tire and it does not reach Abraham Lincolns head you will l almost certainly fail. Depending on the type of car you drive your tire might expense around $200-$1,000 dollars.

Quality auto service is the crucial to your vehicle’s longevity and peak functionality. You want a team of technicians you can trust, who are committed to sustaining your vehicle’s enhanced overall performance. We understand that life on the road can be rough on your vehicle’s engine and components. Even if your car has a simple commute and constant driving routine, your personal habits, rough terrains, and the age of your vehicle will demand specific consideration. From bumper-to-bumper we got you covered! As soon as you notice any malfunction with your brakes, engine, transmission, A/C, steering and suspension, fleet repairs, and considerably much more, come see us initial! Save oneself some time and money by trusting our shop’s total car care services.

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