Savannah Auto Repair

Expert friendly service and reasonable costs. I’ve been going here for a quantity of years and will continue!

Comments: AutoRepair cloud is excellent automotive software to run modest and midsize auto repair shops. Developers update it frequently. A week ago they added labor estimates. Support operates ideal. I¿ll advise the application to auto repair shops.

This is a wonderful spot! The guys at Integrity value the value of transparency, communication, and fair pricing, and this shows in their daily actions- from car repair to speaking with buyers. We are delighted that this place exists- it feels like uncommon treat in our time of chain stores, automated solutions, and corporate indifference to men and women.

I typical 18 mpg in a Chevy Suburban. I child this vehicle. 70,000 miles on original brakes and they are not even 40% worn. Nonetheless, Drivewise finds each and every other cease to be hard braking. It also projects mileage, so you drive 100 miles 1 day and none the subsequent you get penalized for getting driven 100 miles. I fired Allstate and saved a modest fortune in the approach.

We believe it is really crucial for any person who drives (almost everybody!) to have a trustworthy service facility that they can count on. Dave’s vision is to supply the greatest attainable service by way of a commitment to top quality, clear communication, genuine caring and trust. We want to give peace of mind when it comes to your automobile, let us take the guesswork out of upkeep and repairs. We can aid you make important choices which have an effect on the security and reliability of your car.

For six years I’ve been driving about with a seat belt that was missing the plastic gizmo that keeps the clip from falling to the ground anytime you take the seatbelt off. When I was in Lethbridge I went into the dealership and they told me they would replace it for fifty dollars. I decided to go with no.

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