Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

Are you about to hit the road for a family vacation, business trip or girl’s weekend? No matter what your destination is, preparing your car for the road is the first step to ensure your trip is a positive one. Follow these recommendations from the experts for getting your car road trip ready.

If you’re heading on vacation or a business trip, you’ve no doubt stopped the mail, boarded the dog and packed your bag. Heading out on a longer trip requires more advance preparation. A trip to the hair stylist, use of a Groupon coupon for renewal of your eyelash extensions and maybe a trip to the dentist are on your list. Just as you’ve prepared yourself for this trip, your car needs the same attention.

If you’ve delayed the regularly scheduled maintenance interval recommended by the manufacturer, now is the time to have that performed. All minor and major issues will be addressed. The single most important service to perform on a car is an oil change every 5000 miles. This will ensure the engine continues to run properly and actually extend the life of the engine. This is a simple service that’s not to be delayed or postponed. Second, check the tread on the tires. If you can see the chin of Abe Lincoln when a penny is inserted in between the treads, it’s time to invest in new tires.  Provided your tires still have mileage remaining on them, double check the air pressure for a smooth and balance ride.

Finally, detail the interior and exterior of your car. Clean windshields and interior carpets will make the trip much more pleasant.  Remove all trash and any items that won’t be needed during the trip. Lastly, grab your GPS or map APP on your smartphone and enter your final destination. Happy travels!

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Get Your Car Road Trip Ready